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Our team of personal injury attorneys employs a highly efficient shared approach to every case: each member of our quartet of lawyers is assigned a different stage of service for a client, such as the pre-litigation development of the case, preparing the client for and handling a deposition, or representing the client at an actual trial.

Through this team-based method, every attorney at our firm contributes their cumulative legal skills to a case, resulting in a dynamically professional pursuit of justice for our clients.



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Scott M. Goldberg

Scott M. Goldberg

Certified Civil Trial Attorney, NJ

Steven Petrillo

Steven Petrillo

Member NJ Bar

Scott D. Schulman

Scott D. Schulman

Member NJ, PA, GA Bar

Jeff Thiel

Jeff Thiel

Member NJ, PA Bar

We Are Personal Injury Lawyers

Over the last 25 years, the personal injury attorneys at Petrillo & Goldberg have been fighting for people in South New Jersey that have suffered from car accidents, truck accidents, work injuries, slip and fall injuries, as well as families of wrongful death victims. When you put Petrillo & Goldberg in your corner, you get a team of passionate personal injury lawyers that work together to get you the compensation you deserve.

Petrillo & Goldberg has recovered over $120 Million and 97% of our cases result in compensation for our clients.

Call us today. Your consultation is free and you won’t pay anything until you win.

How Much Your Case Worth?

We welcome the opportunity to take challenging cases and fight for our clients.

CASE SUCCESSES: $350,000 For an elderly victim of housefire


We fight for the best possible outcome, through settlement or trial.

CASE SUCCESSES: $3.2 Million For the death of a single father of one


We understand the unique challenges facing elderly victims of injury or negligence.

CASE SUCCESSES: $295,000 For grandmother escorting her grandchildren



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The highly competent lawyers at Petrillo and Goldberg represent clients with personal injury claims, workers compensation claims, slip-and-fall cases and automobile accident victims. We work for you, and take our job of getting the best possible results for you seriously.

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When you hire our firm, you hire a team. Our founders believe in the team approach to handling cases, with Mr. Petrillo preparing the cases and covering the details and Mr. Goldberg going to trials. We stay in constant contact with our clients in order to keep everyone informed about new developments and progress. You will always work with an attorney; we do not hand clients off as numbers to be processed. Your needs, your opinions and your unique situation matter.


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Scott M. Goldberg on Law Talk with Karl Friedrichs Scott M. Goldberg on Law Talk with Karl Friedrichs

Scott M. Goldberg on Law Talk with Karl Friedrichs

I have dealt with other law firms, and there is no comparison. It is an honor to know you and I must say, that I have the highest regard for your integrity.

- Lance Zeaman

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