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Pennsylvania high court’s ruling sets high bar for slip-and-fall cases


Recently, the Pennsylvania Superior Court denied the appeal of a man who claimed that a judge in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas had given improper jury instructions.  As a result of the Superior Court ruling, the verdict rendered against the man in his personal injury lawsuit has been upheld. The verdict has also offered […]

Allegedly defective aquarium heater blamed for Philly fire


They may not be as ubiquitous as fish in the sea, but home aquariums are a very popular means of maintaining piscine pets in households across the United States. But for one Philadelphia apartment dweller, the watery environment he kept in his unit allegedly became the source, through its heater, of an inferno that consumed […]

New Jersey woman’s bumpy ride over Betsy Ross Bridge lands Keystone State agencies in court


Governments and their agencies can be negligent in their duty of care toward their citizens if the public works projects they have created deteriorate and contribute to someone’s personal injury.  One New Jersey woman has alleged that several government entities contributed to injuries she sustained while driving over a less-than-flawless Betsy Ross Bridge. The woman, […]