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Harness driver’s negligence lawsuit against racetrack proceeds in Philadelphia court


When athletes compete in sports, injuries unfortunately but inevitably happen. Among sports, horse racing, with its combination of fleet equines and the humans who guide them around a racing oval at a high velocity, can be particularly risky. As a result of a recent decision made by a Pennsylvania common pleas judge, one jockey in […]

Philadelphia man sues Starbucks, cup manufacturer over scalding coffee incident


In a case that is reminiscent of a landmark personal injury lawsuit from the 1990s, a Philadelphia man is suing Starbucks for severe burns that he allegedly suffered as a result of spillage from a defective coffee cup that a Starbucks employee gave to him. Solo Cup, the manufacturer of the coffee cup that was […]

Giving weight to risk factors, NJ high court denies workers’ compensation case


On July 30, the New Jersey Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision awarding workers’ compensation benefits to the widower of an AT&T employee who died one hour after completing her work.  The facts behind the case are unusual, and the high court’s decision, which accounted for a number of newly argued risk factors that […]