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Most Common Work-Related Illnesses

Every day workers are hurt at their places of employment. Even more workers are exposed to dangerous substances that cause potentially lifelong diseases and acute illnesses. Here are some of the most common occupational illnesses that generate workers’ compensation claims:

  • Hearing loss — This is the most common occupational disease thanks to dangerous levels of noise at many workplaces.
  • Skin conditions — These fall into the second biggest occupational disease category. Afflictions such as contact dermatitis, skin cancer, infections and rashes are all very common.
  • Lung conditions — Breathing in toxic chemicals and substances can cause different lung conditions such as asthma, black lung disease, mesothelioma and COPD.
  • Cancer — Although specific types of cancer could easily fall into previous categories, cancer caused by workplace exposure to carcinogens can take many forms.
  • Neurological conditions — Repeated exposure to harmful substances and conditions can cause significant health problems. Some things, like lead, could cause neurological damage.

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation if you can show that you are suffering from a condition caused by your work environment. Contact one of Petrillo & Goldberg’s caring staff for your free case evaluation if you feel you are suffering from an occupational disease or condition. You can visit our website at