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Owner of Pipe Yard Facility to Pay $10.6 Million Settlement to Truck Driver Whose Legs Were Amputated After They Were Crushed by A Heavy Pipe


On December 24, 2013, Robert Ryder was delivering eight 5,000-pound pipes from Camden New jersey to the Dur-Bond pipe yard facility. While the pipes were being unloaded, with lift machine, one of the pipes dislodged, fell of the trailer bed, knocked Ryder down, and crushed his legs. The injury from the accident was so severe, […]

workers compensation attorney

Siding Contractor Pays $1.2 Million Settlement to Its Employee After Admitting Liability for the Worker’s Worksite Electrocution


Electrocution occurs when a person is severely injured or killed by an electrical shock. The voltage of electricity that enters through a person’s body can cause long-lasting or permanent damage to organs and bodily functions. Common causes of electrocution include, contact with exposed wires, downed power lines, electric sockets, or overhead wires. Construction sites and […]