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New Jersey Supreme Court to decide no-fault medical payments limits


Two related cases in which car accident victims seek medical costs beyond chosen personal injury protection (PIP) limits could impact future payouts for New Jersey accident victims based on the state’s no-fault auto insurance laws. The New Jersey Supreme Court last October heard oral arguments in a combined case in which accident victims were seeking […]

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Judge rules employer does not have to permit employee’s marijuana use


A federal judge ruled a Bridgeton glass factory can indefinitely suspend a worker because he uses medical marijuana. The worker, Daniel Cotto Jr., sued Ardagh Glass after the employer did not allow him to return to his job as a forklift operator after a workplace accident in November of 2016. Court documents show Cotto hit […]


How to find the best personal injury lawyer in Camden, New Jersey


If you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own, having experienced legal representation is essential as you try to recover and get your life back in order. Picking the right personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in receiving the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering […]

Statute of limitations for filing occupational disease claims


In New Jersey, there are time restrictions for filing occupational disease claims. A plaintiff must file a workers’ compensation claim regarding an occupational disease within two years from the date on which the plaintiff first discovered the disability and its connection to the employment. This was the issue in the case of Pulejo v. Middlesex […]

How to report your work injury in New Jersey


If you were engaged in an activity that caused you to suffer an injury in the workplace, it is important to inform the employer of all the facts in your report of the injury. If you were merely walking at work and felt a pain in your back, in all likelihood, you will not be […]

Application of workers’ compensation lien to medicals of plaintiff with PIP coverage


Since a decision was rendered in the case of Dever v. New Jersey Mfrs. Ins. Co., plaintiffs’ counsel have been contending that defendants do not have a legal claim on medical expenses paid in workers’ compensation from a job-related motor vehicle accident in which the plaintiff had PIP coverage, or personal injury protection. However, courts […]

No second opinion under New Jersey workers’ compensation law


If you suffer an injury at work, in most instances, you will have coverage provided by the workers’ compensation insurance policy that is financed by your employer. In addition, you are usually required to consult a doctor chosen by the insurance company to evaluate your condition and provide treatment. And, in New Jersey, if you […]

Workers’ compensation claims of wear and tear injury


If you suffer an injury in the workplace, a resulting illnesses may develop over a period of several years. Many injuries that occur in the office or at a construction site can be described as wear and tear, and thus, represent a gradual kind of injury. If you’ve suffered a wear and tear injury, you […]

Workers’ compensation fraud by two South Jersey companies


According to authorities, a recycling company in South Jersey engaged in a conspiracy with an insurance agency to give false information to a workers’ compensation carrier in order to achieve reduced premiums on workers’ compensation insurance. New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman made an announcement in February of this year that Supreme Asset […]

Woman dies in collision, is then struck in a hit-and-run


According to, a woman named Annabel Aponte of Glassboro, New Jersey, was involved in a car accident, and then was struck by another vehicle in a hit-and-run. Initially, it was believed that the 32-year-old woman survived crashing into a tree in Deptford, New Jersey, and was then killed when a car hit her as […]