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What are some of the usual causes of truck accidents?

Trucks, especially commercial ones, pose a danger to the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. Truck drivers must be mindful of the perils inherent in operating such massive and bulky vehicles, and other motorists should exercise caution when approaching them.
Truck accidents are often caused by minor driving mistakes, such as neglecting to signal prior to passing, particularly when driving at a high rate of speed.

Frequently, operators of motor vehicles, principally cars, are responsible for accidents involving huge commercial trucks. This is due, in many instances, to the driver’s lack of knowledge of a truck’s ability to perform, and its restrictions with respect to acceleration braking and visibility. Following are some examples of risky driving behavior of motorists that often cause truck accidents.

Motorists sometimes drive in the “No-Zones,” or the spaces behind or next to commercial trucks. In these areas, the truck driver has little or no visibility. Car drivers are also known to suddenly change lanes in front of a truck. In addition, they move to the right of a truck that is turning right.

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