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How do full tort and limited tort differ?

Full tort and limited tort are automobile insurance options that were introduced by the state of Pennsylvania in an effort to reduce the amount of pain and suffering lawsuits. Insurance companies in Pennsylvania provide full tort coverage, which enables people to file a lawsuit to recover all damages. However, limited tort coverage “limits” the ability of people to file a lawsuit to recover for pain and suffering.

Both full and limited tort coverage are applicable only in cases where the motorist or passengers were injured in an accident for which the driver was not responsible. The victim can then file a lawsuit against the motorist who was liable for causing the accident, and attempt to recover damages, including medical bills, lost earnings and property damage. Consumers should be aware that by selecting limited tort, they are forfeiting the right to sue for pain and suffering unless their injuries are considered a “serious injury” according to the definition in a standard policy in Pennsylvania.

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