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How do I file for workers compensation in New Jersey?

Workers’ compensation is an employer’s insurance coverage to compensate employees who suffer injuries or illness on the job or during the course of employment. The insurance provides benefits to employees even if they are at-fault for their workplace injuries or illnesses. New Jersey law requires employers to have worker’s compensation insurance policy or self-insurance to cover their employees. Employers with self-insurance may handle the worker’s compensation claims themselves or contract a third party to administer the claims. An injured employee whose employer has worker’s compensation insurance can file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation in the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

An injured worked has two options for filing his workers’ compensation claim. They can file an informal claim or a formal claim. For an informal claim, the employee must file the Application for Informal Hearing. The judge may offer suggestions to the employer and employee to resolve the claim. However, the suggestions are not binding, and the parties do not have to agree to them. For a formal claim, the employer files a formal Claim Petition and has a hearing before a judge of compensation. The rulings in a formal hearing are binding on all parties in the claim.

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