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How do workers’ compensation benefits work if I have two jobs?

When someone is injured in a New Jersey workplace accident, they can pursue a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation provides several types of benefits, including:

The amount of benefits an injured worker receives depends on the worker’s pay, as well as the number of hours worked. For example, temporary total disability benefits pay 70 percent of a workers’ average weekly wages, up to 75 percent of the state’s average weekly wage. In 2020, the weekly max is $945 per week.

Many employees divide their time between two or more jobs. However, regardless of the number of hours or pay at the other jobs, an employee’s benefits will be calculated based on the job that resulted in the injury. For example, assume someone works as a legal assistant 40 hours a week making $45,000, and also as a bartender on Friday and Saturday nights. If another bartender drops a bottle of tequila on the worker’s toe, breaking it, their workers’ compensation benefits would be based on their bartending employment information. This remains the case even if the injured worker could not work at their legal assistant job.

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