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How long does it take to resolve a workers’ compensation case?

Workers’ compensation cases usually take about one year to resolve. Thus, it is important that you return all calls, and respond to all letters, sent by your workers’ compensation attorney. Your attorney cannot begin to handle your case until you have completed your treatment, at which point your case will begin with the filing of a claim petition.

Your employer will then have about 30 days in which to file an answer. After the filing of an answer, all parties will start discovery, which is the process whereby both sides provide information needed to prove or defend the case. The discovery process can last many months. Your employer’s attorney will likely serve interrogatories upon your attorney. These are questions about your work-related accident.

Following discovery, you will have to be examined by a physician of your lawyer’s choosing, and by a doctor selected by your employer. The Division of Workers’ Compensation will then list your case for a status conference, where your attorney and your employer’s attorney will speak with a judge about your case. They will either arrive at a settlement with your approval, or both parties will agree to go to trial.

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