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How much does a workers’ compensation attorney cost in Pennsylvania?

The cost of a workers’ compensation attorney in Pennsylvania differs based on how much compensation the claimant receives. Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance that employers carry to cover work-related accidents involving their employees. A worker may suffer injuries or illnesses that require medical care and time off from work. The workplace accident may even have caused the employee to have a temporary or permanent disability. Under Pennsylvania law, the exclusive remedy for a job-related injury or illness is for the employee to file a workers’ compensation claim. The injured party may represent themselves in the compensation action. However, it is best for the claimant to have an experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney to represent them.

An attorney’s fee arrangement may be hourly, flat rate, or contingency. An hourly fee arrangement is when an attorney charges for each legal service by multiplying the hourly rate by the amount of time it took to perform the task. In a flat-rate fee contract, the attorney charges the client a set amount to handle the case from start to finish. The contingency fee agreement states that if the client wins or settles the lawsuit, the attorney receives a percentage of the client’s award.

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws limit the fee attorney may receive in workers’ compensation cases. Attorney fees for legal services performed before the compensation judge or board cannot exceed twenty percent of the amount awarded to the client. If the worker’s compensation claim results in a settlement, the attorney fee cap is twenty percent of the settlement amount. However, for cases where the outcome does not award immediate compensation, the percentage limit does not apply, and attorneys may receive their fees agreed to in the billing agreement with the client.

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