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I work in New Jersey and was hurt on the job recently. How do I file a workers’ compensation claim?

If you were hurt, or became sick due to workplace conditions, you need to seek medical care, report the accident or illness and apply for temporary or permanent disability benefits via your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

It is a worker’s responsibility to report an accident or illness and seek treatment. It is the employer’s responsibility to act promptly to being to process your claim as reported. It does not matter who may be at fault for the injury/illness, as it is not a factor in determining eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. So long as you were performing your job, within the scope of your employment, you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

You must notify your employer immediately of any accident or illness (when you become aware that the illness is job-related). Tell your supervisor or manager or another individual with authority in the work location. Inform them verbally of the accident and/or illness, but also put the details of the situation in writing. It is helpful to have proof that your employer was notified. If you submit a written notice of injury or illness, there is a record that proves you did. 

It is also a good idea to request medical treatment through your employer. In some cases, they may have specific doctors you need to see according to the workers’ compensation coverage offered.

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