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My employer says I do not have a right to workers’ compensation insurance. Do I have any recourses at my disposal?

Disagreements about workers’ compensation are not unusual. Your employer has reason to contradict your claim for benefits. Employers finance workers’ compensation claims through the use of insurance policies. A large payout results in a greater premium. Thus, a smaller payout is ultimately less costly for your employer.

There are times when an employer will reject the employee’s claim on the grounds that the injury or illness was not work-related. Disputes may also arise regarding the kind of medical treatment the employee should receive. The employer may contend that the employee return to work more quickly in order for disability benefits to end.

In the event of a discrepancy as to whether an employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, the New Jersey’s Division of Workers’ Compensation offers an equitable setting for mediation and, if needed, a binding decision concerning the employee’s qualification for benefits. The insurance company representing your employer will, in all likelihood, provide an attorney to argue against your claim and fight for your employer’s financial interests. It is recommended that you hire a New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney to advocate on your behalf.

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