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What should I do if my employer will not report my workplace injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier?

In most New Jersey workplace injury cases, an employer will voluntarily report the employee’s injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. This will start the process of getting the injured employee the benefits they need. However, some employers may drag their feet or outright refuse to report an on-the-job accident to their workers’ compensation insurance company. This may be for various reasons, including disagreeing with the employee’s version of events leading up to their injury or fear that their workers’ compensation insurance rate may increase. However, employers are required by law to report workplace accidents.

If an employer refuses to report a workplace accident, an injured employee can reach out to the insurance carrier directly. If an employer is not cooperative in notifying an insurance carrier, an employee may not feel comfortable approaching the employer for the insurance carrier’s information. However, this information must be posted in a prominent location at the place of business. If an employee cannot locate the insurance carrier’s information, they can contact the Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau.

Alternatively, the injured worker can file a claim with New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation. When pursuing this avenue, an employee should consider working with a dedicated New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney who is familiar with the workers’ compensation process. With an attorney’s assistance, employees can feel confident that their claim will be accurately completed and expediently handled. An attorney can also assist with a workers’ compensation appeal, should the initial application result in a denial.

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