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It used to be simple. Motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists injured in motor vehicle collisions caused by negligent drivers should be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. But the verbal threshold changed that for the vast majority of New Jersey drivers. Unless you die, lose a fetus, sustain a displaced fracture or suffer a disfiguring scar, you must prove a permanent injury to recover monetary compensation for your motor vehicle negligence claim. And you must prove your injuries by credible, objective medical evidence.

These cases comprise the majority of the motor vehicle negligence cases we handle. However, each such case requires careful monitoring and diligent handling at each step of the process to enable success.

Our team approach best facilitates a thorough, careful and attentive focus on each case and is what separates our law firm from others.

Additional factors also require prompt attention to detail, such as automobile crash damage, proper investigation of claims, ascertainment of available PIP (no-fault medical expense) coverage, and proper medical diagnostics necessary to prove a verbal threshold claim.

No one does it better than us. This is why we are recognized by our peers and serve as referral counsel for such claims by upward of 20 regional law firms.

However, it is essential that such motor vehicle negligence claims be promptly addressed. If you suffer injury at the hands of a negligent, reckless or drunken driver, call us immediately to review your claim and your rights with an attorney at Petrillo & Goldberg Law.

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