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Camden County Workplace Burn Injury Lawyer

Camden County Workers Compensation: Exposure to Flames, Steam, or High Heat

Burn Injury New Jersey Lawyers Who Fight For Camden County Residents

Burn injuries happen every year in New Jersey workplaces. In 2019, the New Jersey Department of Health recorded 32 workers hospitalized for work-related burn injuries.

Nationwide, over 5,000 workers suffer burn injuries on the job each year. Up to 42 percent of all work-related injuries are burn injuries. Exposure to flames, steam, or high heat all cause a type of burn known as a thermal burn. Heat causes skin cells to die during a thermal burn, causing damage. When heat is severe, the cells themselves may catch fire.

As the body’s largest organ, the skin has a big job. Our skin protects us from dirt and germs in the environment. It also helps the body regulate its internal temperature. Because it is sensitive to touch, the skin communicates information about our surroundings to the brain so we can take action to protect ourselves from harm. These critical jobs may be impaired if the skin is injured by flames, steam, or high heat.

What If I’m injured On The Job?

In an emergency, the number one priority is to get medical help. New Jersey workers’ compensation law doesn’t require you to notify your employer about an injury before you get emergency care.

However, if your injury isn’t an emergency, you’ll need to talk to your boss or supervisor. For non-emergency work injuries, workers’ compensation law requires you to visit the hospital or clinic your employer selects.

Whether or not your burn injury was an emergency, it’s essential to get medical care as soon as possible. Medical staff can do more to help you when you get treatment quickly. Tell the doctor how your injury happened, and follow the doctor’s instructions for taking care of your injury.

Medical care should be your number one priority after a workplace burn injury. Your number two priority is to tell your employer what happened. Put this notice in writing if you can. Include the date, time, and place you were injured, as well as the name of the person you are giving notice. You can submit notice to your boss or supervisor or anyone in a position of authority at your workplace. Keep a copy for your records.

You have ninety days from your injury to submit this notice. Once your employer has it, they have twenty-one days to file a First Notice of Injury with the state Division of Workers’ Compensation. If your employer doesn’t file this notice within twenty-one days, you may need to remind them – or seek an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you.

How Can Workers’ Compensation Help An Injured NJ Worker

Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees who are injured on the job. It is a form of “no-fault” insurance, which means it is available no matter who was at fault for the injury.

Workers’ compensation can help employees who suffer burn injuries by providing the following:

  • Medical coverage for doctor and hospital bills related to your burn treatment.
  • Temporary total benefits if you have to take time off work to let your burn injury heal.
  • Permanent partial benefits if your burn injury limits your ability to work long-term.
  • Permanent total benefits if your burn injury prevents you from working again.

If burn injuries prove fatal, workers’ compensation can also provide death benefits to surviving family members.

Workers’ compensation is usually provided by an insurance company your employer has hired to provide workers’ compensation coverage. If your employer or the insurer disputes your claim, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you protect your rights and make your case for benefits.

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Burn injuries are among the most severe, painful, and life-altering. If you’ve suffered burn injuries on the job, you need all the help you can get to heal and move forward.

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