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Cuts and Lacerations

New Jersey Workplace Cuts & Laceration Injury Lawyer

Cuts and lacerations account for a significant amount of workplace injuries that occur in New Jersey, and young people particularly are at risk. From 1998 to 2010, some 1,772 injuries were reported among mostly younger workers engaged in vocational training programs in New Jersey. That particular study focused on young people in vocational training programs, but it illustrates the dangers faced by workers from all walks of life in New Jersey.

Some workers, though, do face particularly daunting challenges regarding cuts and laceration injuries. The career fields most commonly reporting cuts and lacerations were:

  • Food, hospitality and tourism
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Automotive and transportation

Fingers most often suffer workplace cuts or lacerations, with cutting tools the primary culprit. Often, that means a worker did not properly use the cutting tool that injured a worker. Often, one worker suffers a workplace cut or laceration due to another worker’s or manager’s negligence. That makes the employer particularly liable for injury costs.

While workplace cuts and lacerations often are caused by worker error, job providers are responsible for ensuring workers receive proper training to reduce instances of workplace cuts and lacerations. Training workers how to properly use tools to complete tasks, supervising them to ensure maximum safety, and using the correct tools for the job are important safety factors controlled by employers. If workers do not have the correct equipment and are forced to improvise with less-than-ideal tools for the job, workplace injuries occur more frequently.

When job providers do not ensure workers have the tools, training and safety equipment to get their job done as safely as possible, they are liable for costs. Workers’ compensation often covers those costs, but an experienced workplace injury attorney who is accomplished in arguing cases involving cuts and lacerations injuries is a strong asset for injured workers in New Jersey.

If you or a loved one has suffered an on-the-job injury in South Jersey or metropolitan Philadelphia, let the experienced legal team at Petrillo and Goldberg guide you through your legal issues and secure the compensation you deserve.


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