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Hit by Falling Objects

New Jersey Hit by Falling Objects Lawyer

Every year, more than 50,000 workers across the United States suffer workplace injuries caused by falling objects, the U.S. Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports. On average about 116 workers are injured every day and one worker is injured every 10 minutes due to a falling object.

A falling object can become a potentially deadly projectile, depending on its weight and the height from which it fell. A wrench that weighs eight pounds and is dropped from a height of at least 200 feet would strike whatever it hit with 2,833 pounds per square inch. That easily could kill someone it struck, and would land with the same force as a small car slamming into an area about one square inch in size.

While the reported numbers of workplace injuries due to being hit by falling objects is high, the actual numbers are even higher. OSHA reports many workplace injuries and accidents caused by falling objects go unreported. Often, that is because one worker does not realize another had been struck, or they are working in more confined areas with less supervision.

Many employers focus on providing safety harnesses and other equipment that prevents workers from falling while working at height. Unfortunately, many do not provide the same precautions for preventing tools and other objects from falling. Those that do often use debris nets and other passive safety systems, do not proactively prevent workers from dropping objects.

Lanyards, wristbands and other safety gear that offers attachment points to tools helps to eliminate the potential for another worker to be hit by falling objects. Most safety equipment used at height, though, is designed to protect the worker from injuries caused by falling. Initiating measures that prevent dropped tools protects other workers from injuries. It also demonstrates the ability of employers to provide a work environment that is relatively safe from falling objects.


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