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South Jersey Workplace Walking Into Object Injury Lawyer

No matter where someone works or in which occupation in New Jersey, walking into objects is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Such injuries are more common than many might think. The leading cause of unintentional injuries that result in visits to the emergency room among youth ages 15 to 24 is walking into or being struck by objects. That includes youth employed in New Jersey across many occupations.

Many might dismiss the high rate of such injuries to distracted youth using mobile phones and other distracting technology. To some extent, they would be correct. Cellphones and mobile devices often cause youth to lose concentration and walk into objects, even while working. Yet, further study shows workplace injuries caused by walking into objects is a serious concern for workers of all ages an occupations.

The National Safety Council (NSC) shows injuries caused by walking into objects is the third most common cause of visits to the emergency room among adults ages 25 to 65, and the second-leading cause among those over age 65. For those over age 65, only slip and falls account for more injuries or even deaths due to workplace injuries and other accidents.

In most cases, workers suffer injuries from walking into objects due to a lack of paying attention. Yet, many workplace areas that are particularly susceptible to injuries caused by walking into objects are preventable. Job providers need to utilize safety markings, such as yellow-painted safety areas, to help alert workers to potential dangers while moving from one place to another. Anything less than full effort to minimize potential injuries from walking into objects, and job providers are negligent in protecting their workers.

Likewise, workers need to pay close attention, especially during safety trainings, to ensure they know where potential dangers lie in the workplace. While, walking into objects can be embarrassing, such accidents can also be very deadly. In 2013, the National Safety Council says 811 people died and more than 4.2 million suffered injuries requiring trips to the emergency room due to injuries suffered by walking into objects.

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