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Workplace Fights

New Jersey Workplace Violence Injury Lawyer

New Jersey has a long history of professional fighters vying for world titles. Those are acceptable workplace fights and come with known risks and potential health consequences. Yet, many other types of workplace violence occur that cause injuries and sometimes death for unsuspecting employees.

The New Jersey Legislature about a decade ago identified workplace violence and fights as an escalating problem that afflicted healthcare workers in particular. Healthcare workers often deal with patients who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, possibly undergoing a psychotic episode or similar behavior. The New Jersey Legislature determined workplace violence means any physical assault, physical or credible verbal threat of assault or harm against a worker.

The Legislature enacted measures designed to curb workplace fights and other violence in healthcare facilities, state employment sites and other workplaces around the Garden State. State offices and other workplaces must deter violence by enacting zero-tolerance measures and communicate them to workers. The state also requires many employers to initiate preventive measures designed to recognize and prevent potential workplace violence and report any issues.

The causes of workplace violence vary, but the perpetrators generally fit into common types. Workplace fights and other violence fall into four main categories. Those are:

  • Worker versus worker, in which one or more workers carry out acts of violence against one or more other workers.
  • Criminal acts by outside individuals who have no connection to the workplace.
  • Assailants who are known to the workplace, such as customers, clients and vendors.
  • Assailants in personal relationships with workplace violence victims.

Victims of workplace violence suffer many types of injuries, including death in extreme situations. That makes it critically important for employers to provide as safe a workplace as possible. That includes conducting background checks and ensuring new-hires are not prone to criminal violence. Ensuring a reasonably secure environment helps to reduce potential for workplace fights and the many issues that might arise.

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