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What Happens At the Initial Interview With the Client?

Video Transcript:

Petrillo: Now, I understand, as the lead trial attorney, however, you like to do the initial interview with the client.

Goldberg: I do.

Petrillo: Why is that?

Goldberg: Part of what I like to do is meeting the client, sizing them up for how I think they would ultimately do. It’s always good to start that relationship early and just continue it through. Because there’s a trust factor. I want to trust them, but I also want them to trust me and get to know me early on and know what we’re all about.

Petrillo: So, you don’t take every case?

Goldberg: No. We probably take less than half the cases that we are initially brought.

Petrillo: Really?

Goldberg: Yeah.

Petrillo: And you’re able to make that determination at some point along the way?

Goldberg: Yeah. Not always in the first meeting. A lot of times, you’re involved with that, when you see what’s what’s going on with the client, what their history is like, you get more investigation materials about how certain accidents or events happened. And if it’s something that we don’t think is going to be successful in the end, we don’t want to waste our clients’ time; we don’t want to waste our time.

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