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What Is the Difference Between A Certified Civil Trial Attorney and A Non-Certified Civil Attorney?

Video Transcript:

Petrillo: What is the difference between a certified civil trial attorney or any attorney?

Goldberg: Well, it basically is the legal system’s effort to get people into the right hands essentially to handle their case. You can go to a generalist for a medical reason and they can treat you fine. But you want to go to a specialist when you have a specific issue. When you have the need for a civil trial, you want to go to a civil trial attorney. We are the only attorneys who are actually able to accept cases from other attorneys and pay them a referral fee. That’s part of the system. In fact, we have upwards to 20 law firms, personal injury law firms who send us their cases to do the trial work on them, basically because they know the kind of work we do. It’s basically the system’s efforts to get these kind of cases into the right hands.

Petrillo: So you have other attorneys from other law firms who refer you their clients? Why would they do that?

Goldberg: You can go through the Yellow Pages and look through, look in personal injury, the personal injury section of the Yellow Pages. And a lot of those attorneys send us their work because they do this type of work on a limited basis. But if it comes to trying the case, they’re not going to do it.

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