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Why Are They Digging Up My Past During Litigation?

Video Transcript:

Petrillo: Why are they digging up my past?

Goldberg: Well, when you get involved in a litigation, a lot of this stuff is part of the discovery process, especially when you have physical injuries and you say your back or neck are injured, they’re allowed to look into the past to find out whether or not you’ve had prior back or neck. Sometimes it’s relevant. Sometimes it’s not relevant. They can look into a lot of things into your medical history. Some things are off limits. A lot of things are not, but that’s just part of the process and they open you up a bit to scrutiny when you file a lawsuit.

Petrillo: Now I understand that in some cases, insurance companies will actually hire people to follow people around who are involved in personal injury claims. Is that true?

Goldberg: That is true. That is true.

Petrillo: What’s up with that?

Goldberg: Well, it’s again, part of the process and they’re allowed to do it. I mean, they can’t bug your house or put cameras inside your bathroom. But if you’re outside in the public, your fair game and they have every right to do it, and sometimes it ends up backfiring on them.

Petrillo: Why is that?

Goldberg: We’ve had some of our clients who are limping around in public and they’re out taking pictures of them. That’s great. Helps us prepare our case. But yeah, absolutely. This is a process that we can do investigations, they can do investigations. It’s all part of it.

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