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I have dealt with other law firms, and there is no comparison. It is an honor to know you and I must say, that I have the highest regard for your integrity. - Lance Z.

You handled my case with such expertise and I will be forever grateful. The whole experience was professional, caring, and with great integrity. I never thought one person could go up against a mammoth corporation and win. Thanks to all of you it happened – and yes – Justice Prevailed. - Peg H.

I write to specially thank the law office of Petrillo and Goldberg for a candid representation to defend my legal rights with reference to my last Motor Vehicle case. During the period, I enjoyed the professional competence of all the attorneys, and the office staff who demonstrated expertise in good office management. I am glad to be associated with your firm, hoping you will continue to represent people to exercise their legal rights in the face of the law. Thank you very much. - Stephen B.

What a thrill for me to end my career with you in the courtroom! I can’t tell you how happy and pleased I am with you as a lawyer and a person. The jury loved you, and recognized your talent, which is obvious from the verdict.

Continued good fortune to you and your family. - John M.

I especially appreciate your continued professionalism and optimism through out the course of the same. Having been in prior auto accidents before this one, I thought it may have been a difficult case to win. The fact that you both were honest about that fact gave me confidence in your firm. This is a perfect example of what perseverance can accomplish. As I sincerely believe the same results would not have been obtained with other attorneys I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you again for the great job. - Todd R.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer That Get Results In

Founded in 1993 by attorneys Steven Petrillo and Scott Goldberg, Petrillo and Goldberg Law is a Pennsauken, N.J., significant personal injury and car accident law firm that primarily serves communities in South Jersey and the metropolitan Philadelphia area. We are a premier law firm in the region that helps those who have been seriously injured, serving as referral counsel to multiple area law firms.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury is a legal category that includes cases in which a person has suffered bodily injury due to another person’s negligence — the failure to exercise a reasonable amount of care in a circumstance that results in harm to someone —to whom a duty of care is owed. The negligent injury to another is known as a tort, and the person inflicting the harm is known as the tortfeasor.

Negligence includes the following four key elements that must be established in order for a personal injury lawsuit to be pursued: duty of care, which is the responsibility to act reasonably so as to avoid injuring others; breach of duty, which is the tortfeasor’s failure to take precautions in a situation where an injury to another was foreseeable; causation, which is where the tortfeasor’s actions caused the victim’s injuries; and damages, which are the provable losses that a victim has suffered.

At Petrillo and Goldberg, our experienced team of personal injury lawyers boasts decades of experience in expertly advocating our clients’ personal injury claims in the South Jersey and metropolitan Philadelphia area.

We extend our professional services to each client from the moment they contact us, as one of our personal injury attorneys will handle the initial case call; thereafter we throughly investigate an incident and assess all injuries, carefully collect all relevant evidence, and pursue the interests of our clients through, in most cases, a settlement, or judgment at trial, if necessary.

Our expertise in and service for personal injury law cases focuses on the following areas of practice:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle/Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Cases
  • Premises Liability Injuries
  • Worksite Accidents
  • Industrial Negligence Claims
  • Death Claims

Great Strength in Times of Great Need

In New Jersey, generally the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the injury; for cases against a public or government entity, the time limitation for filing notice of a lawsuit is within 90 days of the date of injury. Although these deadlines permit a victim time to pursue his or her claim, it is important for anyone who has suffered a serious personal injury to contact a personal injury attorney experienced in personal injury law such as our team at Petrillo and Goldberg as soon as possible in order to properly investigate and prepare a claim for successful resolution.

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